How to Use a Worm Drive Circular Saw

Circular saws are among the most popular tools for all woodworkers, both professionals and amateurs. The popularity is probably the result of it’s versatility and usefulness. Plus, circular saws are solid back up option for the times when your table saw, or mitre saw break down. They can do almost everything other saws do. It might require some more effort and experienced woodworker, but it’s still very handy tool to have.  For example, a few weeks back, my table saw had some problems and it couldn’t function. But i needed sheets of plywood to be cut. What did i do? I grabbed my circular saw and it did the job perfectly. Cuts were accurate, and the process was fairly convenient, despite the fact that it was supposed to be done by other kind of saw. According to this woodworking expert, most circular saws can also make cross cuts, and can easily stand-in for mitre saw. So if you don’t have money for table saw or mitre saw, circular saw should be your go-to tool.

 But circular saws have advantages too. It’s learning curve is rather steep, so it takes a lot of time to have mastery over using it.  I first got my circular saw two years ago, and i used to make so many silly mistakes. But i slowly improved, largely because of my friends who helped me. And due to a little research on my own, as well. They taught me to use guides to make clean cuts, and gave me many more useful tips. Two years later, now i never use guides, because i don’t need to. Not anymore. One more thing that made my life difficult, was that i was left handed. My model of circular saw was designed for right handed people, so learning how to make clean cuts was a little more difficult for me. Now, i know how to work with both – right handed, and tools for left handed people.

 Worm drive saw is sort of subspecies of circular saw. It’s usually grouped in with circular saws, but i like them better. They’re usually larger and longer in size, compared to regular circular saws. Worm drive is also different in how it’s gears are attached to the motor. I am not aware of the details, but i do know that it’s custom gear arrangement makes it more powerful and effective than it’s regular alternative.

One disadvantage that worm drive has though, is the price. It costs almost twice as much as straight drive circular saw. For me personally, good worm drive saw is definitely worth the investment, even if i have to put in twice as much money. But for some people, especially beginners, it might not make economical sense. You don’t know ins and outs of woodworking yet, so i think the benefits of using worm drive saw will be most likely lost on beginners.

 I should also mention that effectiveness of worm drive saw is widely discussed topic in DIY community. Even some of the pros don’t see any value in it. I don’t think that one kind of saw is superior to the other, i think their effectivity depends on the kind of work you do. Fortunately, modern logistics make it possible to buy thousands of different tools, so it’s easy for everyone to get their favorite.

How i chose my first circular saw

I was first introduced to the world of DIY and home improvement in 2014, and my wife was the one who told me to sign up on Houzz and Pinterest, and i’ve never looked back since. I spent three or four months just browsing projects and furniture posted by other people, so it wasn’t until 2015 when i finally decided to get tools of my own and start building stuff. Three years later, i regret not making that decision sooner, because nothing gives you more sense of accomplishment than finishing woodworking project.

 I had to start somewhere, and after reading a lot of tutorials and asking for advice, i narrowed down my choice between hand tools and circular saw. But hand tools seemed to inefficient and out of fashion for me, so i chose to get circular saw. People think that just because hand tools are basic, they will be cheap as well, but that wasn’t the case for me. And it won’t be for most people, as far as i know. Plus, hand tools are much more difficult. If you’re having this dilemma, according to me and TheSawExpert, best path would be to definitely go with tools, and specifically, best small circular saw you can find. That advice is for people who are interested in mainstream woodworking, like making basic furniture and ornaments, but if you’re into advanced stuff like carving and all that, hand tools might be better fit for you.

 But choosing the right circular saw isn’t an easy feat, either. Just a quick look at Amazon search results will leave you unable to make a choice. There are dozens of saws, which are all well-rated, but on different price points, with different designs and of different sizes. Without some advice, you’re going to give up on buying any of them at all. And i’m going to give you some advice based on my 3 year experience. It isn’t worth much, but i think i’ve learned a lot on my journey.

 First of all, let’s talk about Brands. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that most popular brand in power tool space is DeWalt. The popularity is organic, because quality of DeWalt tools and outstanding, and probably it is the best of all brands available on market. There is also Bosch, and their tools are just as good. Some people even say that it’s better than DeWalt, but i don’t think so. So if you want a safe bet, and budget isn’t much of a concern to you, just go with DeWalt or Bosch and you won’t regret it. Those brands make tools that are built to last and be effective for years to come. They’re also pretty expensive, compared to other brands like Ryobi and Skil, which are considered budget brands. They’re just as good as Dewalt, but aren’t as tough. To put it simply, Ryobi and Skil are made for amateurs, who use saws only once in a while. DeWalt on the other hand, is professional tool and using it every day shouldn’t be a problem. I hope i helped in any way, and best of luck on your journey.

Corded vs cordless circular saws

Being a woodworking noob isn’t easy. You have to chose tools, find space for those tools, find materials, and all that. But if you do go through all that, the sacrifice is worth it. My favorite method for handling complications is to solve them one problem at a time. And in this article, i wanted to talk about getting tools as a beginner. There are a lot of misconceptions out there, and i wanted to share my perspective. Even though i don’t claim to be woodworking guru, i think my experience has taught me enough to share some tips and tricks.

First of all, let’s talk about cost. Some people might not care about amount of money they spend of particular tool, but for most of us, budgeting is key to getting everything we want. So most beginners’ goal is to get the best circular saw, or best worm drive saw for as little amount of money as possible. Some people may say that it is impossible to get a good tool for cheap, and that you have to pay premium price for quality, which is true. But what they don’t say, is that you can still get quality for low price by sacrificing few of the features that, as a beginner, you wouldn’t need anyway. For example, i always recommend to beginners to get corded circular and worm drive saws, instead of their cordless alternatives. Sure, cordless power tools can be very flexible and comfortable to work with, but you also have to pay two times as much, compared to it’s wired counterpart. According to this tutorial,One of the many other cons of cordless saw is that because of it’s advanced technology, it’s more prone to breaking and malfunctioning. On the other hand, with corded saws, you don’t have to worry about most parts, because they’re simple. I’ve found lack of battery to be especially time-saver, because battery on my last cordless saw was a mess and had to be replaced all the time. I figured it would just be easier to get new one, and i was right.  Corded saws also tend to be more powerful than cordless ones. Of course, there are some exceptions, but they are rare.

To be fair though, cordless tools have a lot of advantages like flexibility. Sometimes you have to make articulate cuts with your circular saw, and cord really gets in your way. But that’s rarely the case for beginners, so i’d say it’s not really an issue.

Best place to buy used circular saws is probably eBay or craigslist. You can also ask around your acquintances and friends, people sell their tools all the time, and unlike those two websites, you won’t even have to worry about shipping.

Easy guide to fashion and colors of clothes

Each terrific outfit needs a great color palette, which explains precisely why brushing up in your colour pairing skills ought to be at the top of your to-do list if you think you could use a bit of assistance from the color section. The great thing is that a major portion of what makes one color pairing better than another is right down to easy technique and a few basic principles of aesthetics, i.e. things you can learn. This is the area where colour concept comes from.

In this post I’ll provide you a quick intro to each of these and also show you a lot of examples for how to use three of the most crucial color formulas/rules to build outfits (geometric, complementary and similar). As usual, I want to put out my small disclaimer here that, just like many other theories and methods, you absolutely do not need to stick to the rules of this concept to the correspondence to be able to construct fantastic outfits. Use color concept as a starting point to collect fresh suggestions for colour combos and tweak your present go-to looks, but do not feel as if you have to apply everything in this informative article.

A great way to better your colour matching skills would be to play around with a few formulas (also known as “colour rules”) for compatible colour palettes that color theorists (yes, that is a thing) have recognized as universally attractive. The three I will explain in this post are the monochromatic, both the complementary and the analogues color rule (more on these below). But first: let’s take a minute to pinpoint exactly what these formulas have in common, which means that you are able to utilize that knowledge to go outside and build your own distinct colour palettes, without the support of a formula.

Contrast is what gives a palette visual allure, what makes it interesting. Cohesion is what makes it resemble a “theme” of shades, as opposed to a random combination and also prevents the colors from clashing. Both comparison and cohesion are made by varying the hue, saturation and brightness amounts of every colour in the palette. However, how do you produce a palette that’s both contrasting AND cohesive? You choose colours that are extremely different to one another in two (or sometimes just 1) of these three colour possessions, whether this is the colour, the saturation and/or the brightness level, but keep another property almost constant for all colours in the palette. That you almost constant property is crucial because no matter how daring or contrasting another properties are across the colors, it is what provides the palette a cohesive overall texture.