How i chose my first circular saw

I was first introduced to the world of DIY and home improvement in 2014, and my wife was the one who told me to sign up on Houzz and Pinterest, and i’ve never looked back since. I spent three or four months just browsing projects and furniture posted by other people, so it wasn’t until 2015 when i finally decided to get tools of my own and start building stuff. Three years later, i regret not making that decision sooner, because nothing gives you more sense of accomplishment than finishing woodworking project.

 I had to start somewhere, and after reading a lot of tutorials and asking for advice, i narrowed down my choice between hand tools and circular saw. But hand tools seemed to inefficient and out of fashion for me, so i chose to get circular saw. People think that just because hand tools are basic, they will be cheap as well, but that wasn’t the case for me. And it won’t be for most people, as far as i know. Plus, hand tools are much more difficult. If you’re having this dilemma, according to me and TheSawExpert, best path would be to definitely go with tools, and specifically, best small circular saw you can find. That advice is for people who are interested in mainstream woodworking, like making basic furniture and ornaments, but if you’re into advanced stuff like carving and all that, hand tools might be better fit for you.

 But choosing the right circular saw isn’t an easy feat, either. Just a quick look at Amazon search results will leave you unable to make a choice. There are dozens of saws, which are all well-rated, but on different price points, with different designs and of different sizes. Without some advice, you’re going to give up on buying any of them at all. And i’m going to give you some advice based on my 3 year experience. It isn’t worth much, but i think i’ve learned a lot on my journey.

 First of all, let’s talk about Brands. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that most popular brand in power tool space is DeWalt. The popularity is organic, because quality of DeWalt tools and outstanding, and probably it is the best of all brands available on market. There is also Bosch, and their tools are just as good. Some people even say that it’s better than DeWalt, but i don’t think so. So if you want a safe bet, and budget isn’t much of a concern to you, just go with DeWalt or Bosch and you won’t regret it. Those brands make tools that are built to last and be effective for years to come. They’re also pretty expensive, compared to other brands like Ryobi and Skil, which are considered budget brands. They’re just as good as Dewalt, but aren’t as tough. To put it simply, Ryobi and Skil are made for amateurs, who use saws only once in a while. DeWalt on the other hand, is professional tool and using it every day shouldn’t be a problem. I hope i helped in any way, and best of luck on your journey.